Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello out there in TV land~

We have been on a bit of a hiatus here at Ideas on Living.  There have been 5 night a week Summer school classes at the Community College and parental trips to the hospital that have taken up alot of our time, not to mention that it's gardening time and you can only divide a person up into so many functioning pieces.

I do have some news tho'.  The other day after a lovely morning on a gardening tour I came home to find my side of the street flooded with water.  It was gushing along the curb.  I drove past my house just to make sure it wasn't coming from my yard.  It wasn't.  Yeah! 

There was a pipe at the corner of my block going under ground and water was apparently being pumped like crazy out of there. 

As I drove around the block to get back to my house I had an idea.  First, I needed to check out this water, so I grabbed a bucket and collected some.  It was clear as a bell, but understanding that water filled with cholera can also be clear as a bell, that wasn't enough to convince me.  What did convince me was that this bucket of water smelled like I just dipped it into a swimming over chlorinated pool at that. 

I had no intention of drinking this water, BUT, chlorine kills germs and evaporates as all you people out there with swimming pools know.  We have had very little rain this spring and early summer.  The city seemed to be giving away this water.  It was just popping out of the ground at one end of my short block and then going back down into the sewer on the other end.  What a waste!  Soooo!  I started bailing.  I bialed 8 thirty gallon plastic trash cans full of water into my now filled water reclamation system.  Yes, there is ventilation, so the chlorine can off gas into the atmosphere. 

Shear good luck and timing I might say, if the water still hadn't been running down the street 3 hours later after my heat induced nap had occurred.  I have no idea what was going on, but cheap water is cheap water and I am all about the cheap!  :o)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Review...

Hi Jules!

Before my review, yes I am stalling, I just want to say that I too love wood floors.  Okay, yeh, I painted mine, but still the feel of wood with 2 or 3 coats of paint and finish is just yummy on my bare feet!  I know that you have more for us and I can't wait to see it!

So for my review~ Ugh!

In my first post I mentioned my water reclamation project.  Well, I still have a bigger project in mind, but my shed is still supplying plenty of water to the two 30 gal plastic trash cans that the gutter flows into, or into which the gutter flows (for the grammerians out there :o). 

I have 6 more plastic trash cans that are not yet integrated into the system, but hey that doesn't mean they don't collect any water.  I have placed these individual containers in strategic spots around the house.  These spots are just below valleys in the roof line and when it starts to rain I go out and pull off all the tops to catch the rain.  Not the greatest use of equipment I grant you, but hey, but it works until I get the will to improve things further.

Oh, no, finishing the dining room floor.  Augh!  I have completely finished that one square that was so messed up, but the rest of the floor...well, not so much.  I can go into a whine about having so much to do all the time, but then I use that complaint for everything, so I am sure that you have it memorized.  Just add another verse and maybe, just maybe this will be completed someday. 

Now the painting of the stripes around the ceiling; that is actually coming along.  Why you ask is that going better than the floor?  Maybe because it is a smaller project, maybe because it involves color and not just shades of gray or maybe because I get to stand up while I work rather than getting  down on the floor.  Who knows, but here is a picture of the progress.

The cornice over the window.  Done!  Let me say that again, 'cuz this is the only item that I can say this about~~ DONE!  Of course I am not completely satisfied with how the window looks now, but you couldn't pay me enough to mention what additions I am considering.  I can only handle stating so many incomplete goals at one time without permanent damage to my self esteem.

Slip covers for the furniture....yeh....don't hold your breath on this one. 

Washing the windows.  This may actually get done. Small and accomplishable.  (Small meaning just the dining room window-no guarantees on the other windows)

May Garage Clean Out.  This weekend, I mean it, this weekend more will be accomplished on the goal....really....I mean it...........really.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Love Wood Floors!

Let’s talk about one of my many ‘favorite’ things in interior design – wood floors. There are so many advantages to them it’s hard to know where to start. First the look is completely unbeatable. They are beautiful to the eye, easy on the feet and legs, and have a natural warmth to them. I love the depth of color and texture in the wood because they are made from a ‘living’ substance. All in all, wood floors make a very comfortable, livable and visually pleasing space to live and work.

The variety of floors we have available to us is really quite remarkable. In our area of the country we predominately use a red oak sand and finish floor. It is installed with raw wood, one plank at a time, and then stained and finished. If the house is being built or is having major remodeling, we put down a “nail down” floor. If however, you are living in the house and decide you want wood floors, we now have the option of a “glue down” red oak wood that can be sanded and finished and looks just like the nail down. (Putting in a nail down floor after the house is completed would require changing the height of the baseboards because the nail down floor has a plywood sub-floor first. Most people do not want to go to that hassle. In addition, the process for a nail down floor takes much longer than a glue down floor and most people tire of the disruption before the process is complete.) Both the nail down and the glue down boards come in multiple widths. In the ‘old days’ most every floor plank was 2 ¼” wide. Today we have the options of 2 1/4” 3” , 4”, 5”, 6” wide planks. I have just finished 2,000 square feet of a scraped 6” floor that is simply breathtaking (see above and left).

Both the glue down and the nail down wood can be sanded smooth or scraped, with or against the grain. How you scrape a floor makes a significant difference in the feel of the room. If you scrape against the grain it will be more rustic and ‘lodge’ looking. You will see darker spots in the floor as the stain sinks into the roughness of the exposed grain. Scraping them with the grain can give you the best of both worlds. It still gives the durability of scraping and yet is more elegant, has a comfortable, upscale feel. Sanding floors smooth is timeless and I love it, (see below) AND you have to be mentally prepared for the floors to show more wear and tear. If you have dogs or small children, I usually don’t recommend sanding the floors smooth. Every time the dog skids across the floor with its nails gripping the wood, you have the chance of seeing those skids marks, though slight, in the polyurethane coating on the floor. Over time, those marks really add up.

The variety in wood is extensive and begs for another post, check back in a couple of days. But for today, red oak scraped with the grain and red oak sanded smooth. Wood floors beautify any space, add value to the home and are extremely livable. I would recommend them to anyone. They are more expensive than carpet and you must figure in area rugs when you’re considering the budget on wood floors, but they are well worth the minimal life disruption during installation and the cost, if your budget allows. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stop the Presses. . .


 You just have to check out this blog about eating on only $1.00 a day - .  I am so inspired by this amazing use of purchasing power I just have to share it.  Not only is it amazing frugality, but the local food bank is making out like a bandit as well.  I will have to work very hard to be as good as this with my couponing, but hey, goals are what keeps us moving forward, right?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today's progress in the Great May Garage Cleaning



Still much more to do!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Great May Garage Clean Out

Okay, Jules!

Your idea "The Great May Garage Clean Out!"  I'm in.  Here is what we have to start with. 

Ugh! But hey, I'm in.  I am all for the getting rid of  stuff!  I am all for the organizing of what I already have!

But then again I am all in favor of naps and brownies too!  :o|

Oh, and by the way, I think your garage is many times cleaner than my garage already, so I think I should get some handicap points.  :o)

I will take  a picture on Sunday and once a week throughout the month of May, so that you can watch the progress. 

Now I have to go have a brownie and take a nap~


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double Duty

Jules ~  This is an article I wrote for the Dallas Organic Garden Club's Newsletter. The picture illustrates why vegetables are good, but not the only good thing about having a garden. 
Hope you enjoy!


How to Improve Your Garden Using Your Computer

No, this is not an article about planting keyboard keys and growing Macintoshs from them, but wouldn't that be great!

I learn from the speakers that we have each month, but many of the little gems that I have learned over the last 10 years are from the internet. I am sure that many of you have had this experience as well. The internet will allow folks to seek out new inventive ways of doing things that are just perfect for their own situations or scan through completely unique and not necessarily associated topics and find ideas to adapt to their situations.

So I am going to share some things that I have found with their links and I hope that some of these will help or inspire you. Obviously if you come across links that you think would be good for others in our community then please share them in one or both of the DOGC's communication tools: Our web forums or our facebook site.

So here are a few of my favorite discoveries:

Rotary Compost Sifter
I found this idea while reading a blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with blogs. They are online musings posted by anyone on anything. Marie Tedei has one, I have one, Chi Yeh has one. If any of you have one that you would like to share then you know where to share that info (see communication tools above :o). I found this on Henbogle, who saw it on Gardenweb, that got it from Instructables. All of which I recommend.

Instuctables gives specific instructions on how to make a compost sifter that rolls on wheels similar to a dryer's action. Reducing the work required and increasing the speed with which the sifting gets done.

Vegetable Variety Resource

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners, this site is provided by Cornell University. You can join in or just use it as a resource. Launched in 2004, this site includes over 5,600 vegetable variety descriptions with seed sources, more than 3,400 reviews from more than 2,300 registered users, and online tools are available to help you find the best varieties for your garden. All of the vegetable growers in our club should be a part of this community.

Urban Orcharding

I found this amazing video about urban orcharding on this blog. If you ever wanted lots of fruit trees, but thought you didn't have enough room then check out this site and specifically the video Starting Your Urban Orchard -Your Guide to Green - Greg's Blog. Greg's method of growing fruit from normal sized fruit trees that have been sort of bonzai'd is terrific. I am trying it on a peach tree in my backyard and if it is successful you can beleive there will be more fruit trees in my future.

Craig's List

My final recommendation is to check out Craig's List for two things: First, as recommended by Laura Sims, check out the "Free" pages. I believe Laura found a treasure trove that way. And secondly, check out any edible offerings. Eating local may be easier than you think if a neighbor, that you just haven't met yet, has an over abundance from their garden that they would like to sale or share.

Technology has turned out to be a great thing for those of us that like to spend time in the garden even if Macintosh's don't grow on trees....oh wait... :o)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fun Project

Hi Bud,

Every once in a while you get a project that you can really sink your teeth into. I had the opportunity of doing a 6,000 sq ft. ob/gyn doctor's office.

My charge was to make it  warm and comfortable and inviting for the patients. I spent weeks putting together designs for the individual exam rooms (12), doctor's personal offices (4), procedure, sonogram and mammography rooms as well as the hallways, spaces for a large staff and the two waiting rooms.
 All of the work had to be completed after the patients went home in the evening and on the week-ends. I knew that non of those 12 exam rooms could be down for even an hour during the project. As many design jobs go, it started small and grew. I was fortunate to work with doctors who allowed me to expand the project and spend the time and funds necessary to transform the office. We did considerable paint, but also extensive wallpaper. There were 30 spaces that had new wallpaper installed. Wallpaper can add so much warmth and interest to a room. The carpet was fabulous and we put a special anti-microbial backing on it that allows easy care and clean up.

It took months to complete the project and I am very proud of it. The doctors, nurses, staff and patients have all been very complimentary. I received a phone call from the managing doctor of the practice one day who happily reported that, "today I received 11 compliments on the office." What more could you ask for?

I am including pictures of the lobby and as well as one of the hallways. In the lobby I used multiple fabrics, a soft wallcovering, a patterned carpet and large art pieces that just finished it off.

Once all the paint, carpet and furniture were installed, we added nearly 70 pieces of art to the building. It makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoy it!


Friday, April 2, 2010

One Little Corner . . .

Hi, Jules ~

One little corner of the dining room is beginning to look refurbished.  Isn't it amazing how much longer things take to do than you think they will. Ugh!

As of today I have about 5 or 6 of the white squares on my floor painted, the cornice board over the window is up, an experimental painting idea for the top of the wallpaper is about 1/4 complete.   

Don't panic about the hot pink cuz it may get toned down.  Easier to tone down than tone up, you know. Oh, my that is true in so many ways (reference: a certain goal lacking from my 'goals for this year' mentioned in an earlier post - eek!).
I know that you have experienced this too, but don't you just hate how a small project becomes a large project just because you are looking at everything so much more closely.  I have to paint the ceiling in the dining room again, but don't hold your breath for any pictures of that, cuz it may not get done until the next millenia.  And the windows! GAD!  I have to wash my windows on the outside.  Now there's a job that doesn't get done often enough.

This weekend will allow me to make some progress though.  To allow myself more time I will be making my Mom's standby burger and mashed potatoes with peas for our big meal.  I love my mom's old standby, I hope you and your mom will too.

Thanks for visiting,


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Step by Step

Hi, Jules!

I am getting there with my little project.  I would have gotten farther but last weekend Winter returned and the sudden snow storm knocked me off my form.  I just sat by the fire and knitted.  My shawl will be the topic in a future post.

Last night tho' after a lovely couple of hours out in the warm afternoon I began to work on the floor.  It is simply amazing how quickly I fixed the big mess that the leaking trash committed.  So amazing that I can't figure out why I didn't fix it long ago.  Let's not talk about how long 'cuz it would be embarrassing.

I sanded the spot and then repainted and then repainted  some of the adjacent squares and then Jack, the cocker spaniel, walked through one the wet squares and made white foot prints in the adjacent gray squares.  I caught them quickly enough to clean up all but one, where a bit remains, but I am going to repaint the gray squares as well anyway, so no biggy! 

In the pictures the newly painted squares look whiter and duller than the older squares.  One thing explains both.  When I put the finish coat on it mellows out the white and obviously makes it shiner.  I tried oil based finish coat in the very beginning of the project years ago thinking that it would last longer, but it made the colors SO yellow that I decided to go with latex.

Here is a question for you.  I have a wood quarter round running around the perimeter of the dining room.  It is just stained wood.  I sort of painted a section of it last night to see if I would like it better.  Yes, sometimes I experiment cavalierly.  Do you have an opinion after looking at the pictures?

Okay, moving forward on this project.  This weekend I intend to complete the cornice board for over the window and I will have pictures of my progress on that.  More painting will take place on the floor and some finish coats as well.  So...keep watching and ...

Thanks for visiting,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

While You Were Away ...

Jules, while you are off trying to relax in sunny Florida, I am here slaving away at my computer.  Well, not really slaving, actually ... enjoying.  I have been reading a lot of blogs and have come up with some ideas for ours.  In addition tho' I have been inspired to get my so called dining room back into shape.  I know that you are the actual interior designer amongst us, but I am going to refurbish my dining room/sitting area.  I don't really need a dining room, 'cuz there is just one of me and I eat where ever I want to.  'Cuz I am the queen of my castle, and because just sitting and eating seems to be such a waste of my multi-tasking capabilities. Ugh!

My "Sitting Area"  is in need of a few things. 

No.1:  I need to fix the floor.  I painted the floor a few years ago as I am sure you remember, and then one day I left a garbage bag on the floor overnight on its way out to the garbage.  Now I know that isn't a very attractive addition to my decor, but even worse was the result.  It looked as if my garbage had paint thinner in it.  Which I promise you it didn't.  I am afraid to think about what substance I was putting into my body that could leak out of a plastic garbage bag and remove paint from wood, but apparently it's delicious because I couldn't figure out for the life of me what would have caused this mess. 

No.2:  I pulled the ribbon cornice treatment down from the walls a couple of month ago.  The glue that I used to put it up there had bled through over the years.  I thought that the idea for a fix would strike me as soon as I saw the resulting ugliness...not so much...I am still working on an idea, but I think it is just under the surface and it will come bubbling to the top any day now. 

No. 3:  I am going to use the table cloth that I found at TJ Maxx a few years ago to make a sort of cornice board.  The colors are just right as you can see I have been testing them at the window for a few weeks now.  

No. 4: Will be slipcovers for the furniture, or at least the look of slipcovers that quilts might supply.  We will see.

So, here's the plan.  The before pictures are in this post (I will just have to live with the shame) and then over the next couple of weeks (or months) I will show the progress and then the final result.  You can comment along the way.    Remember I am not doing a total makeover, just a refurbishment. :o)

You should start a vegetable garden and then I could comment on that.  What do you say????

The Reward!

Car travel, it always takes longer than you think. We figured it would be 7 1/2 hours the first day and the same the second. Compared to many of my car trips, that sounded like a piece of cake. Well, the first day we got into our hotel and the kids bedded down by about 11:30. The second day we were up and at 'em. But, an hour on the road for lunch, an extra stop here and there with necessities and then two wrecks a half hour apart on the interstate extended the day considerably. I had visions of being at the beach by 4 or so in the afternoon and settling in to watch the sunset with dinner close by. Well, we arrived at the only Wal-Mart within driving distance of our house about 6:40. I suggested that we make this a short stop, everyone hurry and be done with the well conceived list in 40 minutes. The three adults and two children who stayed to complete the task were all on board. Three giant shopping carts loaded to the gills and 2 hours later we were finally trying to cram the groceries in and around our feet, our luggage, the kids games and on top of and under our pillows and head to the house. The last 40 minutes was pitch black and I'm sure that it would have been beautiful it we could have seen it. That 4 in the afternoon was 9:00 p.m. (With day light savings time, (who likes that anyway) it was 10:00 p.m.)

The one great thing at the end of the journey- this house. It really is fabulous. Any one who wants to stay on Alligator Point in Florida should stay here. It is fantastic. Not only is it on the beach, decorated beautifully, complete with hardwood floors and granite countertops everywhere, but it has lots of sitting areas that give you a postcard view of the ocean, and big bedrooms and baths that are great. Fortunately, dinner was waiting for us from my friend's parents who did arrive early and we couldn't eat it fast enough after no fewer than twenty five trips to unload the car with the luggage and the groceries. I don't think we'll starve any time soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travails of Traveling

Hi Bud,

Since I was a child, I loved car trips. Every year my parents would pile all of us into the car, in what seemed like the middle of the night, and leave for vacation. We thought leaving so early was half the fun and certainly a family ritual. The reality of that early start was -- once we were amazed that the whole town looked different at 4:00 a.m., and we were up only once a year that early, us kids would settle down with a blanket and a pillow in about, oh say, 30 minutes, and leave the driving to my parents. Literally, I was an adult before I realized you could leave for a trip at any other time of the day.

In my adult life, I have taken many a car trip - back east, north, around Europe, south and some west. Thousands of miles on different roads, seeing different things, is part of my trip memories. It's been years though, since I've climbed in the car for very long. It seems that with careers and responsbilities come the pressure of time and the necessity of getting there quickly, enjoying as much as you can in the limited time you have, and getting home to start the routine of life again. Don't get me wrong, plane travel is a marvel. And, in nearly every way, a big blessing. But in some real ways I have missed seeing the country side a mile at a time and enjoying the commaradarie of being with people for that time.

Last August my friends and I decided to take their 7 year old twins and go to Florida for Spring Break this week. Growing up, we didn't have spring break, and so it hasn't really been on my radar screen. But, I've heard so many people talk about going to Destin for Spring Break that that seemed like the destination. Well, to make a long story short, we decided on Alligator Point, East of Destin, more secluded and less "Spring Break" like. 7 year olds don't fit in that kind of a scene, and frankly, neither do we. After enormous research, we rented a house right on the beach.

Life has seemed hectic lately, and a week at the beach, a lesisurely car trip there and back, seemed just the ticket. The nature of the trip changed multiple times before we left and as it happened, another family with two small children joined us and a family we know from home, but staying a mile from us, brought a terrific 14 yrd old, yes, she is an anomaly, who is also with us, as well as my friend's parents who joined us from another state. There are 12 of us. Fortunately, we rented a home that accommodates us all really well.

What is it about trying to get out of town that is so crazy???!!! It gives one pause really. Any time you plan a trip, part of that trip is putting up with the exhausting effort of leaving town. Things often go awry even as you're getting ready. One trip to New York a friend tore her retina the day before we left and we stayed home as she endured surgery instead of doing Broadway. Last month I went for a week-end only to discover that my friend on that trip got strep throat the day we left and in our efforts to change our trip, we finally just put a mask on her and got on the plane. I just knew that car travel would be easier and much more relaxing. Well, that is a myth. The one good thing is no hard and fast time to leave and no security to pass through and everything you take doesn't HAVE to fit in those little bottles and be closed up in nice neat bags.

Just the same, my friend hurt her back 48 hrs before we left and once again threw everything into disarray. We decided on a number of scenarios between me driving the 7 year olds out and she flying with her husband, to me flying with her and....In the end, we poured her into the car, several hours after our 'set' leaving time, and drove away. Did I mention it was not 4 o'clock in the morning? It was 3 in the afternoon. The first day out, it didn't take that long before it was dark. I always seem to have a driving turn in the dark. I don't mind it really.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have You Seen Google's New Bike Path Map

Jules, in keeping with your bicycling theme, I have come across a really cool new thing on Google.  Bike path shock since that is what the title says, but anyway!  Click on the link and check it out.  The good news is we used the exact route that the map would have indicated on our last bike ride.  The bad news is the route was only 3.9 miles and I almost didn't make it.  This could point out a difficiency in my goals for this year, because I don't seem to remember coming up with one for exercise or endurance.  Augh!  There's always next year's goals.

On to other news -- We are having beautiful weather here this weekend so I will be spending most of my day in the garden!   Because of the beautiful weather I went the easy route on our big weekend meal and made Spaghetti and Meatballs.  I also whipped up a little garlic and Rosemary butter for toast to go with~  I used an attachment to my ...i don't know what it is called...but the wand thing, that has a small blade on the end of it, and you can stick it into glasses to whip things up, or into pans to whip things into gravy.  If I weren't so lazy I would get up and walk into the kitchen and read the side of it, but anyway....  I softened some butter put a little garlic power and Rosemary into this little, minature food processor sort of cup that comes with the wand thing, pressed the button a few times and *poof* I had a great flavored butter.  This making a large meal deal every weekend is turning me into a chef. Yeah!

Talk to you when you get back from your trip.  Can't wait to hear about it.

Thanks for visiting,


                             Of course, there was only one picture that I could have possibly put with this post!

                                     She is a thing of beauty. The Volkswagon Bug of bicycles!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi Bud

It was fun reading a few things you noted about our mutual interests and activities as well as our diversity over the past 20 plus years of friendship. As I read and chuckled at your thoughts I thought I would add a few of mine.

Do you remember those early days when we first were friends we did some serious cycling together. You had a Raleigh and I had a Trek touring bike and we'd hit the road after work every night. Contrast, if you will, the rides we took together just last summer. We both bought women's 'comfort bikes', hardly the look or feel of a serious cyclist, though sooooo much nicer than crunching over those low handlebars, and the seats, only about 5 inches wider than those skinny rails we were perched on. The only similarity for me between my touring bike and the new one--it's still a Trek. Yours is a great throw back to yester-year, complete with a basket and a bell. For sure I have a computer on mine, why I don't really know, since mileage and cycling times have become so irrelevant. We rode as fast as we wanted and as far as we wanted, and then stopped. Why didn't we do that years ago? I was still wearing cycling shorts, though my running shoes replaced the 'real' cycling shoes and you opted for capris. Funny thing though, 20 years later, different equipment, different abilities and, yet I still had a great time.

Now the other thing was the health club. We would go, swim, do the track and weight machines and swing through The Dog Stop on the way home. Really????? Hot Dogs! What were we thinking? I don't think a hot dog has passed my lips since those days, but I do remember them that with such fondness.

The one fun food treat of those early days that has stuck was the Marble Slab. I remember one of us would call and say, "let's meet at the Slab", and off we'd go. Didn't matter the temperature, warm summer nights or driving rain, it was always great. Nothing there has changed. Ice cream is still tops.

Everyone should have memories that span over 20 years.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to get accustomed . . .

Jules, has some great ideas for our blog, but I think that she needs a little time to get accustomed to putting her words down on....keyboard???

I on the otherhand have no problem blathering on!

I would like to discuss mashed potatoes today! 

I have started making one large portioned meal each weekend.  It began with a craving for lasagne that I couldn't justify because my recipe made so much.  Then I thought why not share with Jules and her mom.  Justification complete, the tradition has begun.  Three meals later I made a giant, and not very noteworthy meatloaf.  Accompaning the meatloaf tho' was green beans and mashed potatoes.  Now I like mashed potatoes, but not like some people who just love them.  I must say tho' that these mashed potatoes turned out better than any I ever made before.  To celebrate my little success I am going to share my recipe.  Ha!  Recipe ~ it was sheer luck, but hey!

5lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes 
1 stick butter
2 cloves chopped garlic
3 or 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt
salt and pepper to taste

I added the yogurt until I got the consistancy that I wanted.

That's it!  My first original and recorded recipe.  I feel so accomplished! 

Sorry there are no pictures of my mashed potatoes, but who knew I would want one.  They were yellower than most because of the Yukon Gold Potatoes I think.  I will carry my camera with me at all times for future post's pictures. 

Thanks for visiting,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a Little More...

Jules, for one of our earliest posts I thought we could share some of what we have in common.  I am sure that the differences will show up on their own.

We both have an interest in interior design.  I had an interest in getting an education in it and you have an interest in making a living from it. Yours is probably the best use of time, but, hey!  I enjoyed the learning.

We both love fabrics - you love to hang them over windows and fit them around furniture and I love to knit them.

We both have an interest in decluttering.  That interest has grown over the last year for both of us.  The fact that my house was stuffed to the gills with things and yours wasn't means I still am very involved in decluttering and you can tell a very successful story.

We both enjoy travel.  I have been to England and nearly every state in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Puerto Rico.  You have been all over the U.S. and Europe.  Looking forward tho' my aspirations are to live more locally.  You have dreams of expanding your travel adventures. 

Well, that is a little more about us. 

Spring is just around the corner and I will be working on Spring decluttering and gardening.  Jules has projects that she will be sharing. I know that we have some beautiful pictures of a doctors office coming up.

Thanks for visiting,


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to Ideas On Living

We are Jules and Bud two independent women who have been friends for over 20 years and are leading completely different kinds of lives in the suburbs.

Jules has owned her own Interior Design business for more that 20 years and has a very busy social life as well.  Bud is a worker bee who is trying to turn her yard into a suburban farm.  Social life?  Well, she's friends with Jules and goes to the garden club meetings does that count?

Our goal is to share our views on living, including great design projects that Jules is working on as well as the water reclamation project that Bud is building.  It is an unusual combination, but we have be able to forge a friendship out of it and we hope you will enjoy our idiosyncracies.