Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello out there in TV land~

We have been on a bit of a hiatus here at Ideas on Living.  There have been 5 night a week Summer school classes at the Community College and parental trips to the hospital that have taken up alot of our time, not to mention that it's gardening time and you can only divide a person up into so many functioning pieces.

I do have some news tho'.  The other day after a lovely morning on a gardening tour I came home to find my side of the street flooded with water.  It was gushing along the curb.  I drove past my house just to make sure it wasn't coming from my yard.  It wasn't.  Yeah! 

There was a pipe at the corner of my block going under ground and water was apparently being pumped like crazy out of there. 

As I drove around the block to get back to my house I had an idea.  First, I needed to check out this water, so I grabbed a bucket and collected some.  It was clear as a bell, but understanding that water filled with cholera can also be clear as a bell, that wasn't enough to convince me.  What did convince me was that this bucket of water smelled like I just dipped it into a swimming over chlorinated pool at that. 

I had no intention of drinking this water, BUT, chlorine kills germs and evaporates as all you people out there with swimming pools know.  We have had very little rain this spring and early summer.  The city seemed to be giving away this water.  It was just popping out of the ground at one end of my short block and then going back down into the sewer on the other end.  What a waste!  Soooo!  I started bailing.  I bialed 8 thirty gallon plastic trash cans full of water into my now filled water reclamation system.  Yes, there is ventilation, so the chlorine can off gas into the atmosphere. 

Shear good luck and timing I might say, if the water still hadn't been running down the street 3 hours later after my heat induced nap had occurred.  I have no idea what was going on, but cheap water is cheap water and I am all about the cheap!  :o)

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