Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fun Project

Hi Bud,

Every once in a while you get a project that you can really sink your teeth into. I had the opportunity of doing a 6,000 sq ft. ob/gyn doctor's office.

My charge was to make it  warm and comfortable and inviting for the patients. I spent weeks putting together designs for the individual exam rooms (12), doctor's personal offices (4), procedure, sonogram and mammography rooms as well as the hallways, spaces for a large staff and the two waiting rooms.
 All of the work had to be completed after the patients went home in the evening and on the week-ends. I knew that non of those 12 exam rooms could be down for even an hour during the project. As many design jobs go, it started small and grew. I was fortunate to work with doctors who allowed me to expand the project and spend the time and funds necessary to transform the office. We did considerable paint, but also extensive wallpaper. There were 30 spaces that had new wallpaper installed. Wallpaper can add so much warmth and interest to a room. The carpet was fabulous and we put a special anti-microbial backing on it that allows easy care and clean up.

It took months to complete the project and I am very proud of it. The doctors, nurses, staff and patients have all been very complimentary. I received a phone call from the managing doctor of the practice one day who happily reported that, "today I received 11 compliments on the office." What more could you ask for?

I am including pictures of the lobby and as well as one of the hallways. In the lobby I used multiple fabrics, a soft wallcovering, a patterned carpet and large art pieces that just finished it off.

Once all the paint, carpet and furniture were installed, we added nearly 70 pieces of art to the building. It makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoy it!


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