Thursday, March 18, 2010

While You Were Away ...

Jules, while you are off trying to relax in sunny Florida, I am here slaving away at my computer.  Well, not really slaving, actually ... enjoying.  I have been reading a lot of blogs and have come up with some ideas for ours.  In addition tho' I have been inspired to get my so called dining room back into shape.  I know that you are the actual interior designer amongst us, but I am going to refurbish my dining room/sitting area.  I don't really need a dining room, 'cuz there is just one of me and I eat where ever I want to.  'Cuz I am the queen of my castle, and because just sitting and eating seems to be such a waste of my multi-tasking capabilities. Ugh!

My "Sitting Area"  is in need of a few things. 

No.1:  I need to fix the floor.  I painted the floor a few years ago as I am sure you remember, and then one day I left a garbage bag on the floor overnight on its way out to the garbage.  Now I know that isn't a very attractive addition to my decor, but even worse was the result.  It looked as if my garbage had paint thinner in it.  Which I promise you it didn't.  I am afraid to think about what substance I was putting into my body that could leak out of a plastic garbage bag and remove paint from wood, but apparently it's delicious because I couldn't figure out for the life of me what would have caused this mess. 

No.2:  I pulled the ribbon cornice treatment down from the walls a couple of month ago.  The glue that I used to put it up there had bled through over the years.  I thought that the idea for a fix would strike me as soon as I saw the resulting ugliness...not so much...I am still working on an idea, but I think it is just under the surface and it will come bubbling to the top any day now. 

No. 3:  I am going to use the table cloth that I found at TJ Maxx a few years ago to make a sort of cornice board.  The colors are just right as you can see I have been testing them at the window for a few weeks now.  

No. 4: Will be slipcovers for the furniture, or at least the look of slipcovers that quilts might supply.  We will see.

So, here's the plan.  The before pictures are in this post (I will just have to live with the shame) and then over the next couple of weeks (or months) I will show the progress and then the final result.  You can comment along the way.    Remember I am not doing a total makeover, just a refurbishment. :o)

You should start a vegetable garden and then I could comment on that.  What do you say????

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