Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Review...

Hi Jules!

Before my review, yes I am stalling, I just want to say that I too love wood floors.  Okay, yeh, I painted mine, but still the feel of wood with 2 or 3 coats of paint and finish is just yummy on my bare feet!  I know that you have more for us and I can't wait to see it!

So for my review~ Ugh!

In my first post I mentioned my water reclamation project.  Well, I still have a bigger project in mind, but my shed is still supplying plenty of water to the two 30 gal plastic trash cans that the gutter flows into, or into which the gutter flows (for the grammerians out there :o). 

I have 6 more plastic trash cans that are not yet integrated into the system, but hey that doesn't mean they don't collect any water.  I have placed these individual containers in strategic spots around the house.  These spots are just below valleys in the roof line and when it starts to rain I go out and pull off all the tops to catch the rain.  Not the greatest use of equipment I grant you, but hey, but it works until I get the will to improve things further.

Oh, no, finishing the dining room floor.  Augh!  I have completely finished that one square that was so messed up, but the rest of the floor...well, not so much.  I can go into a whine about having so much to do all the time, but then I use that complaint for everything, so I am sure that you have it memorized.  Just add another verse and maybe, just maybe this will be completed someday. 

Now the painting of the stripes around the ceiling; that is actually coming along.  Why you ask is that going better than the floor?  Maybe because it is a smaller project, maybe because it involves color and not just shades of gray or maybe because I get to stand up while I work rather than getting  down on the floor.  Who knows, but here is a picture of the progress.

The cornice over the window.  Done!  Let me say that again, 'cuz this is the only item that I can say this about~~ DONE!  Of course I am not completely satisfied with how the window looks now, but you couldn't pay me enough to mention what additions I am considering.  I can only handle stating so many incomplete goals at one time without permanent damage to my self esteem.

Slip covers for the furniture....yeh....don't hold your breath on this one. 

Washing the windows.  This may actually get done. Small and accomplishable.  (Small meaning just the dining room window-no guarantees on the other windows)

May Garage Clean Out.  This weekend, I mean it, this weekend more will be accomplished on the goal....really....I mean it...........really.



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