Saturday, March 27, 2010

Step by Step

Hi, Jules!

I am getting there with my little project.  I would have gotten farther but last weekend Winter returned and the sudden snow storm knocked me off my form.  I just sat by the fire and knitted.  My shawl will be the topic in a future post.

Last night tho' after a lovely couple of hours out in the warm afternoon I began to work on the floor.  It is simply amazing how quickly I fixed the big mess that the leaking trash committed.  So amazing that I can't figure out why I didn't fix it long ago.  Let's not talk about how long 'cuz it would be embarrassing.

I sanded the spot and then repainted and then repainted  some of the adjacent squares and then Jack, the cocker spaniel, walked through one the wet squares and made white foot prints in the adjacent gray squares.  I caught them quickly enough to clean up all but one, where a bit remains, but I am going to repaint the gray squares as well anyway, so no biggy! 

In the pictures the newly painted squares look whiter and duller than the older squares.  One thing explains both.  When I put the finish coat on it mellows out the white and obviously makes it shiner.  I tried oil based finish coat in the very beginning of the project years ago thinking that it would last longer, but it made the colors SO yellow that I decided to go with latex.

Here is a question for you.  I have a wood quarter round running around the perimeter of the dining room.  It is just stained wood.  I sort of painted a section of it last night to see if I would like it better.  Yes, sometimes I experiment cavalierly.  Do you have an opinion after looking at the pictures?

Okay, moving forward on this project.  This weekend I intend to complete the cornice board for over the window and I will have pictures of my progress on that.  More painting will take place on the floor and some finish coats as well.  So...keep watching and ...

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