Friday, April 2, 2010

One Little Corner . . .

Hi, Jules ~

One little corner of the dining room is beginning to look refurbished.  Isn't it amazing how much longer things take to do than you think they will. Ugh!

As of today I have about 5 or 6 of the white squares on my floor painted, the cornice board over the window is up, an experimental painting idea for the top of the wallpaper is about 1/4 complete.   

Don't panic about the hot pink cuz it may get toned down.  Easier to tone down than tone up, you know. Oh, my that is true in so many ways (reference: a certain goal lacking from my 'goals for this year' mentioned in an earlier post - eek!).
I know that you have experienced this too, but don't you just hate how a small project becomes a large project just because you are looking at everything so much more closely.  I have to paint the ceiling in the dining room again, but don't hold your breath for any pictures of that, cuz it may not get done until the next millenia.  And the windows! GAD!  I have to wash my windows on the outside.  Now there's a job that doesn't get done often enough.

This weekend will allow me to make some progress though.  To allow myself more time I will be making my Mom's standby burger and mashed potatoes with peas for our big meal.  I love my mom's old standby, I hope you and your mom will too.

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